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Highlights of 2018 trip

I have to pinch myself to realize it was not all just a wonderful dream! I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and all of you (Linda - June 2011 trip)


Thank you for making the journey an amazing balance of activity, fun, reflection and personal growth (Dawn - June 2011 trip)

My sister and I had a wonderful time on this trip. The places we went to were beautiful and some of the activities were sooo unique and interesting, not to be missed (Sierra and Rhiannon - June 2013 trip)

The wisdom that I learned from our ancestors was to be in the here and now of the moment, enjoy life to the fullest by slowing down and paying attention to detail. The culture of the food & wine, living quarters, and our many explorations gave me a whole new outlook on life. Thank you for the new outlook on life ! ( Sheila - June 2013 trip)

I appreciated throughout the tour all that you had done to organize the trip. It was apparent that much thought went into it and that you really cared about the experience we were all having – that made a big difference in how I experienced the

tour and I thank you for that. ( Laura - June 2013 trip)


My vacation with your group was the trip of a lifetime. Walking the path of history and exploring historical sites was an experience that I will carry with me forever (Janice - June 2013 trip)


To say that my husband, Ken and I loved the trip to southwest France last summer, is an understatement! Flo and Rachel organized an amazingly culturally-rich trip for those who like to intimately experience the culture, cuisine and beauty of France. Each hotel, meal and activity was carefully chosen to provide outstanding quality and variety, for memories to last a lifetime. Flo and Rachel's prior preparation and knowledge of the area was outstanding. Furthermore, these trips attract a great group of travelers and everyone got along beautifully. It was a first-rate cultural, historical, and gastronomic experience. Ken and I look forward to traveling with Flo

and Rachel in the future! ( Sharon - September 2014 tour)


This is my 3 rd trip with the group. I have never been disappointed, even though some sites I’ve visited before. The trip is well planned, informative and enjoyable. Many thanks to our leaders, Rachel and Sandy. ( Wei - June 2015 tour)


This trip was better than my expectations, starting shortly after I committed to going. But it was the time and effort by our tour leaders to help us prepare for the journey that is exceptional, something that no other group excursion is likely to include. The camaraderie of the group was wonderful. I enjoyed this trip immensely (Jeriann - June 2015 tour)

Sandy and Rachel travel with an open mind and open heart. Although we were a group in many ways, we were also respected as individuals, with different needs and wishes ( Martha - June 2015 tour)


It was a trip of delights with friends old and new. We are looking forward to our reunion and seeing many of you again and sharing our memories of a wonderful journey. ( Nancy and Charlie - September 2017 tour)

The historical and culture and gastronomic  attractions of France are all available in these trips organized by Rachel Baker and Sandy Gaynor. Successive trips are always a new experience and there is always great ease of travel through the countryside. And there is nothing "touristy" about the trips. While souvenirs etc are easily purchased, there are no stops at obvious tourist traps. More than that you can encounter the French in their daily commercial life and even try out your French if you're so inclined! We always return to the US feeling enriched.

John & Anne Rollo (September 2017 tour)


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